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About Ruth Beattie

Ruth Beattie Jewelry is inspired by nature. Allison Culbertson, designer of Ruth Beattie Jewelry is a Philadelphia native, a New York City transplant, and currently lives in the FL Keys. Allison is inspired by the beauty of light, organic shapes, color, and the treasures she encounters. Her love for nature culminates into her jewelry designs. Every bead, stone and finding is hand selected and carefully strung, woven, or crimped. Each piece is delicately created and unique. Allison makes all of Ruth Beattie Jewelry by hand. So why Ruth Beattie?

Like that of a piece of beach glass, a world of second chances. That was the feeling when Allison met her birth mother at age 38. Allison had already discovered her birth name, Ruth Beattie. But the serendipitous meeting of her birth mother, their similarity in looks, and common interest in jewelry design cemented their bond and the name. Allison and her birth mom Lynda became fast friends. And though a continent divided them, they would visit each other whenever possible. Sadly, Lynda died of breast cancer only three short years later. When Allison decided to design her website, she thought it a fitting tribute to call her new line of jewelry, Ruth Beattie.

Like that of a special piece of beach glass, finding Lynda was a precious gift. Ruth Beattie floated up on a beach one day, only to have a second chance in all things beautiful. Ruth Beattie Jewelry–inspired by nature and made with love. 

Allison is a graphic designer as well, to see her design work go to